Quick Glance at Bootcamp Xero®

Bootcamp Xero is an online workout program for the busy professional.... the stay at home mom.... the traveling employee.... heck, pretty much anybody struggling to find the time to workout amidst a demanding schedule. 

I feel ya!  Whose got the time??

Well now, you do!

With a plethora of 15-minute workouts to choose from, you no longer have to go to the gym, fight for equipment, and wander around aimlessly.  Cut out the travel time and workout in whatever home, hostel, or Holiday Inn your schedule lands you. 

You don't even need a DVD player!  (Which is going the way of the dinosaur anyway!)

All the workouts are online and mobile friendly.  You press play... follow my lead... and mop up the sweat 15 minutes later!  That's it!

Workouts are hosted by yours truly, CJ Thomas.  I'm the owner, operator, and "Ceej"EO of St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp.  Despite demand for me to open additional class times and locations... there's still only one me!  So rather than try to be everywhere for everybody, I'm using technology to workout wherever you happen to be! 

If you've got Xero time and Xero equipment, now you've got Xero X-cuses!  Bootcamp Xero was designed specifically for you.  Aside from switching brains and doing the workouts for you (which, let's face it, is technology that's at least 5-10 years away)... I can't make it any easier than this! 

Let's do this!

What is BootcampXero®?

Bootcamp Xero is members-only website with a collection of online, real-time workout videos.  I talk.  You listen.  We workout together.  Kapeesh?  We go hard (or easy depending on your level) for 15 minutes in an interval-style format... (example: 40 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, before transitioning to the next move).  Every month you get 12 brand new workouts to hit every muscle in your anatomy.  Leave your X-Cuses at the door... Bootcamp Xero is your answer! 

How Does Bootcamp Xero® Work?

I originally created Bootcamp Xero for my beloved members at St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp who live busy lives with work, travel, kids, and family and can't always make it to our class times... but still wanted to get their sweat on.  Sometimes you've got Xero time, Xero equipment, and Xero idea what to do!  But if you can carve out just 15 minutes... you've now got Xero excuses.  Outside?... In the basement?... Or in a hotel room?  All you need is an internet connection and you can follow me through 15 minutes of torture... (throat clearing)... I mean FUN!  Just like my Bootcamp classes, these one-on-one, real time videos can be modified for even the newest beginner or cranked up for the seasoned athlete. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long are the workouts?

I've designed all the workouts to be 15 minutes or less.

I know you're busy.  I know the phone won't stop ringing and the kids won't sit still.  I know because... I've asked!  As the owner and head trainer at St. Louis Fitness Bootcamp, I've surveyed hundreds of my members.  And by and far, the #1 obstacle facing people who want to work out regularly... TIME!!!

But everybody's got 15 minutes.  Obama makes time to work out... you're not busier than the President!

We go quick.  We go hard.  Or as hard as you want to go.  I'm gonna be right there with you... sweating and spitting and speaking words of encouragement so you can get it done and get on with your life. 

Got extra time?  Hit play again!  Or find one of our other videos and start a new challenge.  With a minimum of 12 new videos per month, I promise you won't get bored.  ;)


2. How many videos are there?

For the initial launch, when you first login, there will be 12 videos ready to go!  Then each month I'll bring you 12 more!   But you'll continue to have access to all the previous content as well.

Got a favorite video that really made you sore?  Go replay your classic.... Or try something new!

The biggest problem with most DVD programs is a LACK OF VARIETY.  Much love for P90X and Insanity, but with as few as 6 DVD's in a set, the jokes AND the workouts get old FAST!  (So much for "muscle confusion"!... More like muscle monotony!)

Not with Xero!

I'll be mixing it up, bringing you workouts with brand new moves, brand new sequences, and brand new inspiration.  We'll have Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core emphasis workouts... plus a few X-tras just to keep you guessing!  ;)


3. Do I need any equipment to do these workouts?

No!  There are plenty of workouts available that require absolutely no equipment whatsoever.

But, to keep things interesting, I will use some super basic gear from time to time to turn things up a notch. 

     Got a chair or an elevated service?
     Got a pair of sliders or some magazine pages?
     Got a heavy dumbbell or maybe a toddler?

Check your surroundings and you might find you have all the gear you'd ever need and then some!

But for most part the only piece of equipment you'll need is YOU!

These are bodyweight-focused workouts.  And we are going to work!  ;)


4. Will this be too hard for me?

No, Goldilocks... these workouts will be "just right."  ;)

If you're a total beginner, there's always a way to modify the moves that we're doing which I'll show you as well.  You can check the description on each video in advance and determine if you'd like to choose the easier or the more advanced option.  Trust me, I know from experience that everybody starts somewhere.  I meet people on a daily basis who can't do a full squat or a pushup and we build them up over time.  Be patient.  Be consistent.  And enjoy the process!  I'll be with you every step of the way!


5. Will this be too Easy for me?

If you're intermediate or advanced, I got you covered there too.  Turn up the intensity or take extra breaks as needed.  I promise, you won't be disappointed.  If anybody every told you that you can't get a good workout in in less than 15 minutes... they haven't tried Xero!


6. Will it work on my mobile device?

Yes!  Our website is mobile friendly.  So the video size will adapt to fit your laptop, tablet, or phone. 

If you've got an internet connection, you've got access to your workouts.


7. Can I cancel any time?

Yes!  I'm not your cable company... no long term commitments here.  Cancel any time.
Keep your access for as long as you wish... But don't you wanna see what kind of craziness I'll be bringing you next month?  ;)

8. How much is membership?

Right now you can get Bootcamp Xero for only $37/month. 
Yes, the price will go up.
Yes, this is a fantastic deal! 
That's less than you'd pay to attend 4 classes at my live bootcamp.  And probably less than your gym membership that you may not even be using.  (And who could blame you?...  The gym is where workout dreams go to die!  Lol.)  Now you'll have a growing library of On-Demand workouts to choose from with new content every month. 
Xero Time is no longer a factor.
Xero Equipment is no longer a factor.
Bootcamp Xero is the answer!  Join me won't you!


9. Can I preview the site?

Sure... use this link:  http://bootcampxero.com/
But you won't be able to see any of the workouts.  That content is for members only!